Please enjoy our complimentary LIVE Workshops! As of 10/24/23 you no longer have to be a member to join!

December 2nd
Silk Velvet Acorn Ornaments

An enchanting live holiday workshop with Mary Jo Hiney, where she’ll unveil her tricks and secrets for crafting small silk velvet acorns that are perfect for gift-giving or as charming holiday decorations to fill your bowl with warmth and joy.

December 4th
Woven Ornaments

Embark on a festive crafting journey with Danielle Kaminski as she teaches the art of basic round weaving, leading to a diverse array of enchanting Christmas ornaments. Delve into the creative process and learn the foundational techniques that can transform simple threads into stunning, personalized decorations.

December 5th
Holly Berry Bags

Bring some festive fun to your holidays and bag your gifts in style. Learn how to make watercolor and gel pen holly leaves to add to bags, tags, and anything you can think of. Step-by-step instructions (with a cheatsheet download) Shannon Christensen will walk you through the process.

December 6th
Weave Your Own Fabric

Dive into the holiday spirit with Rosemarie Smith in our live workshop, where she’ll guide you through the art of weaving your very own fabric. Learn the intricate techniques and unleash your creativity as you craft personalized textiles for pillows, bags, and a myriad of festive creations

December 6th
Not Your Average XMAS Cookies

Get ready for a delightful live holiday workshop with Ana Bianchi, where she’ll teach you how to transform ordinary gingerbread and sugar cookies into a vibrant, visually stunning feast of colors and creativity.

December 6th
Holiday Mini Mystery

Get ready for a festive adventure with the Quilter on Fire (a.k.a Brandy Maslowski) in this live holiday workshop! Join Brandy for a super fun mini mystery workshop where you’ll create a handy little gift that you can replicate for everyone on your Christmas list.

December 7th
Gel Print Wood Ornaments

Join Mansi Bhatia in a live holiday workshop and discover the joy of creating unique wooden ornaments using your gel plate, acrylic paints, stencils, and found textures. Let your creativity flow as you transform simple wooden pieces into personalized and festive ornaments that will add a touch of charm to your holiday decorations.

December 8th
Cricut Crafting - Making Gift Tags

Discover the magic of personalization in our live holiday workshop with Shawn Mosch! Be guided through the creative process of using your Cricut to craft custom holiday gift tags. Learn the art of adding a personalized touch to your presents, making your gifts truly special and memorable.

December 8th
Joy to the World Nativity

Embrace the true spirit of the holiday season in our live workshop led by Joy Mueller Blanchard! Join us for an enriching session where she’ll show you how to create meaningful joy by building a small nativity scene using natural and found items such as sticks, stones, and clay. Delve into the art of crafting a unique and heartfelt representation of the season, celebrating the beauty of simplicity and the magic of creativity.

December 11th
Fun Felt Ornaments

Ana Bianchi joins felt expert Heather Donohue to create fun and original felt ornaments that are unique to your family. Ana will be inspired her holiday cookie characters to make an ornament for her tree and Heather will demonstrate how to make these ornament happen and where to find amazing materials.

December 12th
10 Step Watercolor Candy Canes

Come learn to make the 10 Step Watercolor Candy Canes with Shannon Christensen. She’ll teach the basics of a straight candy cane with the help of a downloadable Cheat Sheet. Print the Cheat Sheet and set it right bees you as you paint. Once you’ve learned the basics, you can change the shapes to make other designs, even an alphabet! 

December 15th
Double Poinsettia Mini Barn Quilt

Discover the art of barn quilting with our expert instructor, Lori Nawyn! You don’t need a barn to create your own stunning barn quilt. Learn the craft of painting simple geometric shapes on wood in this live session. Dive into the festive spirit by creating your very own Double Poinsettia Mini Barn Quilt—a vibrant masterpiece perfect for front doors, walls, mantels, shelves, or window sills.

December 15th
Festive Forest Garland

Embrace the holiday spirit in our lively workshop with Vanessa “Kiki” Johanning and Cherie Burbach! Together, they will guide you through the creative process of crafting a festive holiday garland adorned with charming stitched and painted mushrooms, birds, and butterflies.

December 21st
Winter Solstice Lantern

Illuminate your winter nights with creativity in our live holiday workshop led by Helen Hiebert! Join us as she guides you through the art of transforming two simple sheets of paper into a stunning lantern. With strategic folds, careful cuts, intricate weaving, and the addition of windows, you’ll craft a Winter Solstice Lantern that will bring warmth and light to the long winter nights.